Home Staging

One of the fastest growing new home businesses has to be home staging. With the real estate market as competitive as it is these days, home staging has become a very important part of the homes sales process. Real estate agents and homeowners really need someone who can come into the home and maximize the space to make is show well.

Home stagers can receive the Accredited Staging Professional designation which will give more credence to you as you begin your business. You may need to offer your services for free a few times just to get some testimonials, but then you can partner up with local real estate agents to stage all of their listings. You can offer a “discount” for their customers. Staging can mean simply walking through the home and using what is already there. It can also mean that someone asks you to take a vacant home and rent furnishings to make it shine.

Depending on the area of the country, home stagers charge a variety of prices. Most stagers earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour, and this business is in demand. You will have to do some up front marketing and educating of real estate professionals and sellers so that they understand what you do and why it is so important. Staging a home can make or break a sale. You will be maximizing the space and layout of each room.

If you like decorating and organizing, home staging may well be a great business for you to start. Remember it is all about word of mouth advertising, so do a good job and real estate agents will definitely refer you to other agents they know. Before long, you could be making $100+ each day or more! Plus, you will be doing something that you enjoy.

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