How An IP Power Switch Can Be Used To Save Money

Every network administrator is motivated by a love of technology in general, despite issues that may arise within the actual job. The hardest part is to keep the system running effectively with limited money and little chance of savings. Some equipment that can help is the UPS, RAD and ip power switch, which are all low cost.

Another way to deal with this is using the technology you may already have to save money. A remote management center can be considered rather than paying an engineer that costs more. Being able to remotely work on the network is doable.


Now a remote management system can be costly. However, there are options to implement this yourself. You need at least one server if not 2. They will not have to handle much load at all, so an ex-production machine can be used. The ip power switch can handle disaster recover and help restart any machine that you need to be restarted.

The first thing to do is install Linux on one server and connect an Ethernet adapter to the switch. Any other server should be connected to the same switch. The remote server needs to have it’s own network adapter with a firewall and have a separate ip address. This makes the rest of the network secure.

Another option is to connect the ip power switch to the remote server, so any devices that are connected can be rebooted remotely. This cuts the time wasted in case a server isn’t responding. This will take some time and bigger businesses might just get a ready made one, but this helps save money.

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