How Can I Buy, Invest, or Acquire Structured Settlements in the Secondary Market?

A structured settlement works as a payment made to an injured individual on a regular basis, possibly monthly or yearly, during a period of years instead of an one-time payment when a legal action gets settled. Settlements like these usually are the result of wrongful death, personal injury, or medical malpractice claims. For the recipient of structured settlement payments, who’re often referred to as annuitants, the preset payment schedule has numerous benefits and comes with a number of shortcomings. Once the individual agrees to structured settlement payment arrangement or annuity, they’re locked in it with regards to the schedule – they cannot change the structured settlement payment structure in any respect. While the structured settlement may work in the short-term, the illiquidity of the settlement payment schedule delivers no flexibility as their financial needs change with time.

With time several companies have come into existence which will provide structured settlement payment recipients with a large lump sum in exchange for some or all of the annuity settlement payments. Essentially, the structured settlement recipient that has an immediate need comes to an agreement with such companies to accept a lump sum payment today rather than waiting many years for the payments to become due under the structured settlement. The motives a person wants to sell some or all of their structured settlement payments for immediate cash vary greatly.

Most of these websites that originate “structured settlement transactions” are agents that match up the structured settlement recipient with an investor. In recent times, private individual investors, rather than institutional investors, have exhibited increasingly more interest in acquiring structured settlement payments in this secondary market. In many cases it is an an attractive opportunity because a structured settlement acquired from the secondary market will probably pay a better return over a similar annuity.

While obtaining structured settlement within the secondary market can be appealing with an investor, due diligence is needed. From the viewpoint of investors, the critically unique aspect to consider in getting structured settlement payments from the secondary market is the quality of the brokering company’s underwriting along with its conformity with the different relevant federal and state laws. Compliance with the legal framework in this area is critical to be certain that the investment pays down the road.

The team at TMT Capital Solutions can walk you through the complete process and make sure you’re at ease with the product. Our acquisition of structured settlement payment streams is performed pursuant to stringent underwriting mandates and with strict compliance with the law. If you are interested in being familiar with this area or have a wish to acquire structured settlement payments, please contact us at

If you are interested in being familiar with this area or have a wish to acquire structured settlement payments, please contact us at

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