How EVA Air Continues To Serve Nations Worldwide

There are quite a few smaller airlines that are successful and well-known around the world. EVA Air is a very young airline that has done a great deal in its short life span. International destinations throughout the world including Asia are part of the routes of this little-known airline. Their competitive nature led them to getting contracts with many international locations showing how dedicated they were to their passengers. Straying from the norm, they are not a publicly traded company. Moving forward and always doing well, EVA has a history that shows consistent gains in the marketplace.

Luzhu, Taiwan, is where EVA has its main headquarters. The president of the company, Chang Kuo-wei, has done an excellent job in establishing this companies international presence. You will find that overall support and responsibilities are spread out among the various board members. Lin Bou-shiu is the chairman of EVA as of 2011 and is the go to person in regard to leadership and direction. Passenger flights for EVA are a priority, but are not the only profitable aspect of this company. Other aspects of this company include Evasion travel services to name a few.

In the mid period of the 1990s, EVA wanted to develop the internal market for air travelers, within Taiwan. The airline invested in three airlines in order to make that happen. The three airlines that were involved were Makung International Airlines, Great China Airlines, as well as Taiwan Airways. These three airlines merged together, in 1998, to form one large airline called UNI Air. This entity became a part of EVA, included the company’s domestic operations and eventually came under control of EVA. The flight procedures inside all of Taiwan are taking care of by UNI Air.

Capable of serving millions, EVA Air was now a big player in the international community as a passenger carrier service par excellence. To stay ahead of the competition, constant improvements and investments are being made by this company to stay at the top. Honored with the prestigious “Best Premium Economy Class” award, Skytrax’s presented EVA with their World Airline Award. On top of that award, they also made a profit in the first quarter of 2009. Honored in 2010, EVA was placed in the top 10 list for international passenger service airlines that summer.

It took EVA many years before they started earning profits, but that was still according to planned fiscal schedules for the company. Expanding into the international marketplace is not very easy, though it is something that this company was able to do. This airline operates from Taiwan, yet is able to span across the world and still handle domestic flights. Going beyond their expectations, this conglomeration of Asian carriers creates what we know as the EVA corporation. However, they were able to begin expanding internationally while they worked on the domestic situation at home in Taiwan.

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