How Insurance Protects Your Marina or Yacht Club

Operating a marina or yacht club poses unique challenges from a professional and environmental standpoint. Marinas may include diverse facilities, ranging from docks to rental agencies to restaurants (and more). There may also be significant overlap between local regulations, state law, and federal maritime law. For these and other reasons, holding comprehensive marina insurance is essential.

What Does Marine Insurance Cover?

A complete insurance packet will be tailored to your individual needs, but may include policies for any or all of the following:

  • General liability
  • Dock coverage
  • Boat show insurance
  • Legal liability for marina operators, boat repairers, and more
  • Pollution coverage
  • Equipment and tool coverage
  • Employee coverage, including workers compensation

Why Is Insurance Necessary?

Setting aside the fiscal importance for your business, it is vital to consider the unique environment (and potential hazards) posed by a waterfront business. Accidents around water are not uncommon, and can be compounded in a heavily-utilized maritime setting. Moreover, the particular dangers posed by severe weather — major storms, flooding, and hurricanes — are naturally compounded at a marina.

Marina insurance allows marina and yacht club owners to be financially prepared, and helps encourage ease of mind for these owners if the unfortunate does occur. Don’t wait; ensure you are fully covered by marina insurance today.

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