How the Internet will Kill your Network Marketing Business

Yeah it can sound like a horror movie but will this actually happen? Some may say yes and others may say no.

It will be a massive debate with old school network marketers versus new school network marketers and then the ones in the middle that have learned to adapt between both worlds of networking, the belly to belly networking and internet networking, but not depending on either to prosper but connecting both strategies to help themselves in the highly viciously competitive network marketing arena.

In this article I would like to go over some of the pro’s and con’s of internet marketing. Can you benefit from using the internet for network marketing or will you end your network marketing business if you use the internet?

Lets look a the pro’s since I believe it’s always good to start off positive. I guess that comes from my many years of management experience of doing one on one counseling meetings with my staff. That’s another article completely which I might not regard highly to compose or maybe I will. Anyways here we go.

The Positives of using the Internet in Network Marketing

One of the things that would come to mind right away would be the amount of people you will be able to reach by way of the internet. I assume the number is agreeably into the billions. Also despite of how many people are on the internet you still will not be able to reach every person but rest confident you will be reaching thousands, millions, and further.

Another wonderful thing regarding using the internet for network marketing is the capacity to leverage your time. The ability of putting something on auto pilot and having it continuously market the value, product, and services you have to offer. As network marketers in an mlm organization you can imagine the magnitude this will have on your organization.

These are a couple of positives I want to put out there. As you can begin to believe with just those two pros’ the endless possibilities of having the internet as part of your tool in your network marketing organization. Now let’s look at a couple of the con’s.

The Con’s of using the Internet in Network Marketing

Regrettably as with anything there is a down side to it despite of how cool it could be. So here are a couple of con’s to using the internet in your network marketing company.

First if you are entirely using the internet to get prospects and market the products then you are taking out the individual touch of networking. Yes, you will achieve some success with just the internet but will be losing out on prospects that want that personal touch and are waiting for that phone call to speak with a live person. If they do not talk with someone live then you will likely lose them.

Another offset about using the internet is that people join people not necessarily companies. Grant it, you need massive marketing so your prospects are enlightened of what you have to offer but at the end of the day your prospects need someone to speak to. Think about it, you probably joined your mlm opportunity because you spoke with someone, built a relationship and decided to join them. This you cannot do with just using the internet.

The Internet may or may not kill your Network Marketing Business

Those are a couple of pros and cons I wanted to share with you about using the internet for your network marketing business. I know some marketers can be totally against while others are all for it.

In my opinion, as with anything you do either it is dieting, taking vitamins, drinking, exercising, etc., it should be done in moderation. If you can combine both strategies of online and offline network marketing, you are at the cutting edge of network marketing.

I hope that this article have giving you something to think about if you are at a cross roads to where you are going with your network marketing business. I know this choice can be complicated with out all the facts.

I would like to also share with you a FREE Training Webinar that will provide more details on how the internet could or could not be killing your network marketing company.

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