How to choose The Best Wood Chess Boards

Chess is a game of class & attached with royalty. In the early years when it was played by the kings & the individuals of the royal families, chess sets, chess boards & chess pieces used to come in classy styles & made of high quality materials to uphold the grace. With time as the game became a game of the commoner, it begun to come in cheap resources at an cheap price.

Chess boards made of wood are incredibly classy & a symbol of elegance yet it’s rare nowadays. Playing chess would find a new dimension if the chess board is made from wood. Wooden chess boards tend to be more durable than chess boards made of other materials & premium quality wood provides for a good decoration of the chess board by nicely carving out the wood. Chess boards are usually made out of fine woods, finer than the wood used for making tools of any other game. Selecting a finely carved out wooden chess board also defines one’s personality. Since chess is associated with royalty & has a historic meaning, therefore possessing such high quality wooden chess board would obviously enhance one’s personality & would be much appreciated by the viewers & it would also enhance the aesthetic beauty of one’s drawing room or any other room where the chess board has been kept. Modern wooden chess boards measure 15.5 X 15.5 X 0.5 & weighs around 4lbs.

Not only international chess sellers but even Indian Chess item sellers also provide huge range of wooden chess boards. China is amongst the highest sellers in wooden chess boards. Wooden chess boards are available in different varieties. Wooden chess boards are secure from having scratches as a result of continuous use by the players or losing the shine & shimmer over constant use. Since wood is opaque it remains good for quite a long time. It doesn’t require much of safeguarding as well. sporadic dusting is sufficient & it doesn’t allow much of dust to build up & is not visible & hence doesn’t mar the beauty of the chess board. It could be easily carried to several places & played easily while on a trip as wooden boards are hard & not fragile. It is been long that chess has become a fairly common game amongst the mass & wooden chess boards are rare. Thus wooden chess boards naturally incite an excitement amongst the chess fanatics. Thinking about high quality & fine wooden boards’ one might just think, it might come at a high price. To a relief there are many suppliers & manufacturers of wooden chess boards who bring these products to the people at a very affordable price. These wooden chess boards include a guarantee.

Playing chess has gained international meaning & has prestigious prizes. Keeping an classy wooden chess board of such a highly prestigious & a royal game only adds to one’s personality & increases the class of the individual who owns it.

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