How to find relief for arthritis in neck

Would you like to hear how I got arthritis in neck? I had lived on this earth for only 7 years. I stood back and assessed the situation. I felt proud as I just had floated over a fence made of wire about three feet high. That was not tall enough. So, now I tied a rope between two of the posts thus making the height to clear about 3 and a half feet. Slowly I started off, gradually increased my speed and leaped for the moon. I had a savaged awakening to reality. My neck struck the rope and I was catapulted like a canon ball back to the ground.

Being young, I was able to bounce back, so I got up, wipe the dust away and went about my business. I had no idea that decades later I would pay dearly for that mighty leap. In jumping for the moon I took the natural curve out of my neck and developed what is called a straight neck or military neck that led to me having arthritis in neck. This all happened about five decades ago.

When I was about 30 I went to a chiropractor and was told that I had whiplash, straight or military neck. I was told by my chiropractor that there was no cure but he could stop the straight neck from getting any worse. Callously, he told me I could die when I was about 60 years old. Upon turning 58 years-old those seemingly recurring words that had terrorized me for some 28 years finally came to a climax.

Not long ago, my neck began to pain me. When I would go to sleep at night it felt like I had needles in the back of my neck. I had to sleep on my back in a fixed position to get relief. Doing neck exercises seem to help somewhat. In distress, I opted to go and see a chiropractor again. Upon taking x-rays he informed me that there were spurs on the vertebrae of my neck and as a result arthritis had developed. He gave me a treatment and said that he could not “cure me” only stop the progression. I had two treatments but felt that it was doing little good. His plan was to give me two treatments per week for a month, then one treatment per week the second month and thereafter a treatment per month.

Desperately I began searching the Internet trying to find a miraculous cure for military neck. No cure was to be found. Yet, I did find two web sites that related there was a way to put the curve back into the neck. I was really moved with one of them. Instead of going to the chiropractor twice a week for the first month, I invested in a neck straightener device for the cost of two visits to the chiropractor. Following directions, I use this device daily for a few minutes and the result was that I was gradually getting the curve back in my neck. However, more important than the curve in my neck was the relief I was getting from the neck pain.

Now, the pain I had was very profound. I paced the floors heaving sighs. I tossed and turned all night. In reality, as mentioned earlier, I slept in a fixed position on my back. It was impossible for me to sleep on either of my sides. After six months of using this device my pain decreased from a 10 to a 3. I gained complete relief from neck pain in a year’s time. I still use the device 2 or 3 times a week to make sure the neck pain does not ever come back. If you have whiplash, stiff neck, straight neck or military neck please do yourself a kindness and try this neck straightener device. In my case it reversed my arthritis in the neck and is putting the curve back. Hurrah, my what a relief it is.

Arthritis in Neck with Neck and Headache Relief

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