How to gain relief for arthritis in neck

Would you like to know how I came to have arthritis in neck? I was the tender age of 7. Standing back I evaluated the scene. I felt proud as I just had floated over a fence made of wire about three feet high. That was not a challenge for me. So, now I tied a rope between two of the posts thus making the height to clear tall as I was. I started off slow, increased my speed and jumped for the moon. Boy was I rudely awakened My neck struck the rope and I was catapulted like a canon ball back to the ground.

Being an invincible youth, I was able to recover, so up I got, wipe the dust off and carried on as usual. I had no idea that decades later I would pay dearly for that mighty leap. In jumping for the moon I took the natural curve out of my neck and developed what is called a straight neck or military neck that led to me having arthritis in neck. That unfortunate event happened about 50 years ago.

When I was 30 years-old I was diagnosed with
whiplash, straight or military neck by a chiropractor. I was told by my chiropractor that there was no cure but he could stop the straight neck from getting any worse. Want to hear some shocking news? He told me this could lead to my death at 60 years of age. Now when I became 58 years-old those infamous words that had agonized me for some 28 years finally came to the fore.

Recently, I began to have pain in my neck. When I would go to sleep at night it felt like I had needles in the back of my neck. I had to sleep on my back in a certain position to get relief. Doing neck exercises seem to help somewhat. I even went back to a chiropractor. Upon taking x-rays he told me that I had developed spurs on the vertebrae of my neck and as a result arthritis had set in. After giving me an adjustmentment he told me that he could not “heal me” only stop the progression of straight neck. After two treatments I felt that they were not doing me any good. His plan was to give me two treatments per week for a month, then one treatment per week the second month and thereafter a treatment per month.

Desperately I began searching the Internet trying to find a miraculous cure for military neck. No cure-all was found. Yet, I did find two web sites that alluded to getting the curve back into the neck. I was blown away by one of them. So, rather than going to the chiropractor two times a week for the first month, I made an investment in a neck straightener device for the cost of two visits to the chiropractor. Following directions, I use this device daily for a few minutes and the result was that I was gradually getting the curve back in my neck. However, more important than the curve in my neck was the relief I was getting from the neck pain.

Now, the pain I had was torturous. I paced the floors heaving sighs. Sleep fled from me. In fact, as mentioned earlier, I had to sleep in a certain position on my back. I was unable to sleep on my sides. Using this device for six months I am happy to report my pain level decreased from a 10 to a 3. I gained complete relief from neck pain in a year’s time. I am still using the device two or three times per week as insurance so I can avoid future neck pain. If you have whiplash, stiff neck, straight neck or military neck please help yourself out and try this neck straightener device. In my case it reversed my arthritis in the neck and is putting the curve back. Free at last, free at last, I am pain free at last. So, can you.

Arthritis in Neck with Neck and Headache Relief

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