How To Prepare Your Yacht Club for a Hurricane

Preparing for hurricane season is a necessary part of life for homes and businesses along the coast. Marinas and yacht clubs are no exception, as strong winds and high waters often prove detrimental to marine vessels. When clubs take adequate preventative measures, however, they can minimize the impact of tropical weather. 

Before Hurricane Season

Avoid complications from tropical weather by preparing for hurricane season in advance. Review emergency plans and hurricane preparedness protocols with all employees. Take inventory of your vessels and note existing damages. Clean up club’s premises, bringing in or securing any exterior property, including boats. 

Under a Hurricane Watch 

Contact vessel owners and request that they remove their property from the premises. Fill each remaining vessel’s gas tank, and secure fueling equipment in addition to heavy machinery. 

Under a Hurricane Warning 

Cut the water and power supply to all equipment. Send home any inessential employees, and notify local emergency services when all lockdown procedures have been completed. Prepare for post-storm cleanup and damage assessment. 

Whether you own a yacht club or store your treasured personal vessel at one, it’s important to know the necessary steps of yacht club hurricane preparation. Tropical storm damage can never be eliminated in full, but securing vessels and other property reduces the time and money necessary to get back to normal after a hurricane strikes.  

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