How To Save Money On Your Maryland Auto Insurance

As the price of gas and everything else continues to rise, it becomes increasingly crucial to find the best possible prices for Maryland auto insurance. Consumers can start browsing rates by first determining the amount of coverage that is necessary. Maryland laws require motorists to have a minimum of $30,000 in liability insurance for each accident at a maximum of $60,000. These vehicle owners are required to have the amount in coverage for bodily injury for underinsured and uninsured motorists. These individuals should additionally have uninsured property damage and property damage liability coverage at a minimum of $25,000. Finally, $2,500 should be carried in protection against personal injury.


Maryland is Tort state which means that it adheres to the Tort system. When this is the case, for each accident only one driver will be determined to be at fault and then he or she becomes responsible for covering all related damages. This makes it essential to have the right amount of coverage for any potential set of circumstances. Other forms of coverage such as comprehensive and collision may need to be considered as well, since not all costs come as the result of multiple vehicle accidents. Should a natural act result in a heavy object falling on the vehicle, or storm damage be caused, there will need to be adequate coverage in place.

Considering these facts, how can drivers then get cheaper premiums for Maryland auto insurance? Safe driving is one way to score a lower premium as insurers favor those motorists who have records that are free of blemishes and who have zero points on their licenses. Thus, these individuals are commonly offered cheaper rates for coverage. Drivers can also find insurers who offer defensive or safe driving courses so that their clients can earn more discounts on their rates. These help seniors and teens qualify for coverage at lower rates.

Insurers also show favor to vehicles that are equipped with considerable safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and other safety measures that will lessen the amount of damage that is caused by an accident. Several insurance companies often provide women with cheaper rates, as some demographics are statistically shown to have lesser likelihood of getting into accidents and are usually driving at much slower speeds when they do. Thus, there is less vehicle damage due to the slower rate and less risk for the provider.

Vehicles that have a lower likelihood of being stolen are also shown favor by Maryland auto insurance carriers. Those individuals who drive luxury cars or sports car will find that these vehicles are at a greater risk for being stolen and are thus, more costly to ensure. Drivers can save when they live in low-crime neighborhoods and by equipping their vehicles with anti-theft devices such as steering wheel locks and car alarms.

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