How to select the perfect tattoo design for you.

Picking which tattoo design to ink is the most crucial decision to make when getting a new tattoo. It is important to make sure that you take your time considering your options. Unfortunately, many people neglect to think before getting a new tattoo, often regretting their hasty choices. Remember, tattoos are permanent and tattoo removal is an expensive procedure. Its important to take your time and select the right design for you.

There is an immense variety of different tattoo design styles available these days. Choosing a design can therefore be tricky as we are spoilt for choice. Design styles range from abstract tribal tattoo designs inked in black, to very colourful butterfly tattoo designs. Different tattoo designs, as well as the iconography present within designs, have a variety of associated meanings and symbolism. It is essential to choose a tattoo design that has some significance to you and your life.

Other essential factors to deliberate when choosing a tattoo design are the colours used in the design, as well as the design size. If you plan to ink a very small tattoo design, big and intricate designs won’t really be suitable, although designs can frequently be scaled down and simplified by a tattoo artist. If you plan to ink a colourful tattoo, Celtic and tribal design styles are probably not suitable as they tend to be inked exclusively in black, with very limited use of any other colours.

For many tattoo enthusiasts, the cost of a new tattoo is a big factor in the decision making process. While this is understandable, I recommend people not to compromise too much on their selected designs in order to save a few dollars. Tattoos are lifetime commitments, and it is surely better to wait until you can afford the tattoo that you really want, rather than just inking any old design because you can afford it now.

Tattoo design books, collections held in tattoo shops, and the internet, are all excellent places to find tattoo designs. The internet is an excellent resource for finding tattoo designs from the comfort of your home, and there are hundreds of thousands of designs available online. Be aware that there are also many low quality designs around on the internet, and many hours can be squandered trawling search engines for free designs. A better method is to subscribe to some reputable online tattoo galleries. While membership to a top gallery may cost a few dollars, you can rest assured that the thousands upon thousands of designs in the database will be top quality artwork. When you consider the total cost of getting a tattoo, and that your new tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life, it is worth the small extra investment.

When you have found some tattoo designs that you genuinely love, I advise consultating with a reputable tattoo artist. Take your favourite designs along with you, and ask your artist for their feedback. Take some more time after consulting with your artist to really contemplate your tattoo design ideas. You should only commit to being tattooed when you are completely sure that the design and location of the tattoo is right for you, and that you will love your new tattoo for all time.

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