How To Write Articles In 20 Minutes Or Less

Spending time creating articles takes away from time you could be doing something more important, yet web content writing is important for getting visitors to your web site and also improve your site’s relevancy.

This post explains how to write articles in 20 minutes or much less. I compose a lot of our unique content articles in 5-8 minutes utilizing this method, but I have been using this technique for months so your outcome will be different.

1. Generate Ideas

Writing styles change, and so do main subject areas of interest. I am going to go over research for specialized niche articles in another post, but you should know of subject areas that interest your viewers. Your own viewpoint as an specialist within your field matters, so do not discount your personal ideas. Vet your ideas by searching for content articles pertaining to them to broaden your emphasis, or generate related ideas.

Record your ideas in one place – a notebook, a Notepad text file, a Word document – it can be anything, so long as you use the same thing and document your thinking. Try starting with a tabular structure this way to start:

[Date] – [Topic] – [Keywords] – [Idea]

Each field means:

  • Date – record the current date (and time if you like) so you can gauge the age of your idea
  • Topic – Summarize the subject in a few words
  • Keywords – Terms people might use when searching for information regarding the subject
  • Idea – note down your idea – it might an URL to a news story, or a write-up, or even a page in a book. Record it in as much detail as you feel is needed

A sample for this article looks something like this:

  • Date – Today’s Date
  • Topic – How To Write An Article
  • Keywords – write article, article writing fast
  • Idea – 5-7 steps that describe how to write articles quickly

Keep writing down ideas when you develop them – you will forget – do not skip this step.

2. Let Your Ideas Simmer

Generating the perfect idea the very first time is rare, so look over your notions, refine them, think about them. Building ideas is usually an iterative process, so do not get frustrated if you need to modify or revise your thoughts. In fact, revising your ideas is very good!

3. Outline Your Article

Using ideas from your list, describe your article using summary sentences. Jot down the basic structure following the conventional format consisting of Introduction, Body, and Summary or Conclusion, or Call To Action.

Move bullet points around as you see necessary – use your listing of ideas for help.

4. Leave Only What’s Necessary

Edit your summary sentences, taking out anything that isn’t directly connected to your main idea, or ideas. Your post will likely be about 500 words long.

In case you have many ideas, break them up in to a few articles that are each approximately 500 words long.

5. Write and Revise

Write your article following your bullet points. Just write. Don’t be concerned about spelling or using the perfect phrasing.

6. Revise or Edit

Go back over your article and edit – verify spelling, sentence structure, as well as other important elements.

7. Publish

Get the post off your plate – publish it. Don’t be concerned about perfection – just get the article off of your desk (or desktop) and proceed. You can up-date your article later, or tomorrow, or depending on readers’ responses. Just get the article on the web.

Using these steps can help you write articles rapidly, leaving you free to get back to your business.

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