HP OfficeJet Model 5610 All-In-One Printer, Copier, Scanner And Fax – A Report For Consumers

Smaller businesses, where the level of competition for machine-time relating to the different features is not very intense, will find that all-in-one office applications are a great solution. However, they can be excellent for larger sized businesses, too, for somewhat more remote office locations. The technology available today assures peace of mind regarding the handling and reproduction quality of documents, added to overall functional reliability. Laserjet along with inkjet printers will be the two more usually available options. A person’s budget normally dictates the most apt solution. For small business owners that is the biggest factor, but it also applies to larger concerns, although not to the same degree. In this article we are going to evaluate an all-in-one option for printing, copying, scanning and faxing needs – the HP OfficeJet 5610.

Should you be concerned about producing documents of a professional quality, rest assured that the OfficeJet 5610 handles this with ease. Brilliant, colorful prints are only one of the benefits of the standard color resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch (DPI), which enables delivery on any of your needs. The feature of six ink colors creates even greater scope for printing in color, if you prefer it. You may print using the Black & White setting with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI. It is possible to produce 20 black and white pages each minute (PPM) on a 5610 and 13 PPM can be obtained for color prints. This office unit is fairly small, so that is going to be advantageous if space is at a premium.

For images along with documents, the scanner permits at the most 1200 DPI to be scanned. Certainly, that could possibly be too little for images and color documents. Fortunately you are able to enhance the resolution utilizing software that comes standard with the 5610. You are able to use this program to enhance the resolution to 19,200 DPI which is significantly more. The scanner on the HP 610 is a very acceptable 48 bit for glorious color reproduction. The final quality of your images is enhanced through this.

A good capability is that extra user input is not needed for copying multiple sheets, up to a maximum of 100. An important factor of copying is the scaling capacity. The copy scale feature ranges from 25% up to 400% for increased sizing. There are a lot of smaller businesses, including individual business owners, who engage in fax blasting which is comparable to email spamming. The OfficeJet 5610 makes use of their patented filtering technology to protect against fax spam from getting through. That is definitely a great feature for the reason that it saves you time and money spent on printing. In addition, your network plus your phone lines will not be tied up with inbound fax spam.

The HP OfficeJet 5610 unit along Mac in addition to Windows systems. XP and Vista OS’s are both supported. The HP 5610 is barely 17 x 16 x 9 inches and so unintrusive, size-wise. Any kind of office can certainly make room for a printer of this size. The Hewlett Packard name has been well recognized for decades, and you can feel comfortable at least checking out the 5610 for your business office needs.

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