Ignore These Clickbank Vendor Mistakes At Your Peril

For the affiliate marketer and vendor alike, Clickbank has been the popular destination to do business and find products. There are over 12,000 products listed, and over 100,000 affiliate marketers flowing in and out. They handle your payment processing as well as things like cutting checks to your affiliates. For Clickbank product vendors, you should take steps to learn as much as possible so your experience is the best it can be. If you want to get the most from your product, then learn about the following Clickbank vendor mistakes you can take with you and succeed.

The most frequently made mistake by newer Clickbank merchants is trying to list their website on Clickbank’s network before they’re actually ready to start receiving visitors or customers. If you’re still building your website, complete it first before you try to attract those visitors. Once Clickbank begins sending huge amounts of traffic your way, they won’t want to see a message from your web host saying your page isn’t built yet. This could lead to a bad impression being made on those 100,000+ affiliates on Clickbank.

Many vendors at CB fail to recognize the value of upgrading their products. Perhaps the one time offer, or upsell, is most prevalent in the make money market, but all affiliates will be more attracted to your product if you have upsells. For example: you have product An and product B. If product A has great upsells and B does not, then which one will look more attractive? By offering attractive upsells, you will be able to attract a lot more affiliates that are more active and aggressive in their approach.

Lastly, don’t annoy your visitors with pop up ads that could make them want to leave. Use something that’s less annoying, like a slide-over ad that highlights a special offer or opt-in box. Just be sure you give them an easy way to close that ad if they’re not interested.

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid costly Clickbank merchant mistakes. Always take your business as seriously as you possibly can, and that plus taking action will help you succeed with this.

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