Information About Counselor Insurance

If you are a counselor, you usually give advice.  This is an unusual situation to be in.  You are being paid to hear people’s insurance dilemma and grievance, which many others do without compensation.  The reason why you are being paid is because you are doing a job.  The advice that you are offering is considered professional.  You are being depended on good quality advice, so there is no room for mistakes, especially when you are getting paid for it.  If they are not happy with the advice you gave, you are likely to get sued for it.  The only way to get through a lawsuit like this is to have Counselor Insurance.


People nowadays are willing to take anyone to court if they were wronged in even the slightest.  Lawsuits existed for a quite awhile, but not many people were proactive about this sort of thing until now.  The reason why many people are not afraid to sue is due to the “No Win No Fee” law.  Basically lawyers will not be charged for anything unless they win the case.  This gives people freedom to sue anyone for everything when they feel it is necessary.

It is best to have coverage since situations like this is always unpredictable.  At the time you think that the advice you have given were legitimate until later you find out that it was not.  It will occur when you least expect it.  And most likely you will not be prepared for the outcome that will come your way.

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