Instead Question Ourselves by Todd Rutherford

In an age of religious skepticism, Norm Grant’s You Want Me to. What? Risking Life Change to Answer God’s Call encourages us to question ourselves instead of our faith. The media reinforces the doubtful and the skeptics frequently with the popularity of such works as Religulous, and Norm Grant seems to be the only voice of reason and assurance in an era bombarded with doubt.

He, too, was once a religious skeptic, questioning the existence of God, until he realized the only reason he wasn’t hearing God was that he simply wasn’t listening, the drone of life’s daily tasks and his career drowning out the voice of God. Instead of asking if God is real, ask yourself if you’re listening for him or if you’re blocking him out as a matter of convenience? Norm Grant asks us to ask ourselves; “What if He were calling us to participate with Him in regenerating and reviving our lives, His church, the country, and the world? What if He were calling us to step away from the comfortable routines and experience the amazing, the impossible, the God-ordained, life-transforming moments that He’s longing to do in and through each and every one of us? What if?”

Finding deeper meaning and a more spiritually fulfilling life by asking these questions also opens up the lines of communication with God and establishes a meaningful relationship with Him. Grant’s voice is strong in that he continually asks questions, leaving them open-ended for you to answer or search for answers within yourself and your life. Throughout his book, you will find yourself pausing, pondering, and working toward a spiritual connection with God.

Leaving the story of a man hanging from a cliff, deciding whether or not to respond to God’s call, Grant invites us to write our own endings to the story. If you were the man hanging from the cliff, or if there has ever been a metaphorical cliff in your life, the precipice from which you were ready to crash, with only God there to save you, what would you do? Would you respond to His call? Would you heed His words and trust that He would save you?

After questioning your personal ending, Grant writes several alternate fates for the man. “Maybe, just maybe, the story would be told of how this person did let go and God caught him and brought him to safety. It would make for a wonderful story that would be repeated time and time again to as many people as would listen. Maybe those who heard the story would remember it when they found themselves hanging from a cliff with calling them and decide to let go when He asked.”

Putting ourselves on this cliff, the cliff on which we have been many times in our lives, and from which we have often ignored the call of God, we see alternate endings for the wrong turns we’ve made, the mistake of not answering His call.

Had we been listening, questioning ourselves instead of our faith, our decisions might have led to a fulfilling life, filled with the Holy Spirit and a deeper relationship with God. You Want Me to. What? Risking Life Change to Answer God’s Call is sure to lead to a meaningful inner dialogue with ourselves and with God, irrevocably altering our thinking, opening our minds and hearts to listen to God’s call.

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