Insurance for Ocean Marine Businesses

The ocean is vast and if you work upon it, your ocean marine insurance coverage should be, too. All types of seafaring businesses need insurance, not just the traditional fisherman you may think of. If you run a marina, a tour boat, or even a ship repair company, you need to be insured against ocean marine risk.

Insurance For A Variety of Marine Applications

Clearly, you need to insure your boat and gear. But there is so much more that your insurance should cover. Look for policies that offer the following:

  • Insurance for inland storage and transit of shipped goods
  • Towing and salvage
  • Pollution liability
  • Workers comp for any employees you may have
  • Insurance for terminal operations
  • Marine property and casualty
  • Builder’s risk

Insurance Tailored to You

It’s best to purchase a policy that allows you to customize the coverage. Every ocean-going business is unique. Clearly, a shipwright has different liability issues than an oysterman. Make sure the company you speak with is willing to perform an exposure and risk analysis that accurately reflects your individual business.

With a strong marine insurance policy, you can run your business with the confidence that only good coverage provides. Don’t assume you have the best. Take a look at it today and assess the adequacy of your coverage.

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