IP Power Switch

Giving employees the ability to access office computers remotely is highly beneficial to the company. With this, more work can be done outside office hours, and from anywhere in the world – useful for executives who tend to travel a lot. It also allows employees to focus on mission-critical tasks during the day and leave the not so pressing tasks for later when they’re at home, such as installing new software that can be rather time-consuming.

In order to make remote computing successful, the proper equipment must be present. One essential device is an IP power switch. This lets the user reboot the remote PC with the click of a button whenever needed, such as for completing a software installation process, operating system updates, and fixing usability issues. Without the ability to restart the computers, newly installed software may not work properly or only do so on a limited basis. Simply turning these workstations off and on can allow them to run faster which makes the employees more efficient.


An IP power switch can be connected to several computers in a network. Offsite employees can control it via the Internet, from a website with a user-friendly graphical interface designed for this purpose. They will have to log on with secure credentials to protect the network from hackers and other malicious attacks.

The IP power switch can direct the power supply line to any individual computer, depending on the user’s remote commands. If a terminal has been left to run unnecessarily, it can be switched off to save power. Conversely, if a terminal was turned off by mistake, it can be turned on again for active use.

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