Is Your Trucking Company High Risk?

In the U.S., the transportation industry has some of the highest risk. Trucking companies are responsible for driver safety, fleet integrity and cargo delivery. Accidents, cargo loss and other disruptions can become a serious financial burden. If there are gaps in your semi truck insurance coverage, it could open your business up to serious risk exposures.

How do you know if you have high risk exposures?

Trucking Risks

Every trucking company has unique risks from other industries. If there is an accident, you could lose all your cargo. Theft can happen while on the road and fire damage could affect your warehouses. Not only is the equipment to transport the cargo expensive, but often the cargo itself is a valuable asset.

High Risk Truckers

Which trucking companies have higher risks? Most of the time, higher risks truckers have more valuable cargo. For example, if you are transporting jewelry or high-value items, you need to have a higher insurance policy to cover it.

Refrigerated items and animals are also high risk items. If your refrigerator breaks down or if the animals aren’t transported safely, it can result in severe damage that you wouldn’t have to consider with other types of cargo.

When it comes to your trucking company, you need to ensure that you and your drivers are protected. A customized trucking policy is the only way to do it.

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