It Works Global Summary-An Outsider Says Say What?

It Works Global answers the question before you even ask it; Does It Works work? Artfully, the majority of multi level marketing companies do work; that may or may not become evident as we go through this review.

You may find this hard to believe but It Works Global was founded in 2001. It’s always fascinating to me that a company can be around for a long time but you never hear of it. It Works was founded upon providing professional caliber make-up and health products at affordable prices.

They also market diet and botanically based skincare products. Obviously the method of distribution is network marketing, which if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be reading this, right?

It Works is a debt-free company-always good to hear when weighing a network marketing company. They are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the CEO is Mark Pentecost who has a comprehensive background in network marketing. In fact he’s known as one of the top networkers in America.

The scuttlebug is that the company expanded its product line to include wellness products after a routine visit Mark made to his doctor. His doctor told him that he should be taking a daily multi-vitamin. When he asked which one he should take his doctor’s only answer was “don’t take a cheap one”.

Mark decided to do some research and went to a local nutrition store where he spent over an hour and came out more confused than when he got there. After talking with friends and family about their preferences for a daily multi-vitamin his conclusion was that one was needed. Hence “It’s Vital” product line was born, an exhibit of supplements for the young and old.

It Works Global does have a pretty good prominence for what it calls it’s “Body Slimming” category. Items such as It Works body wraps or the official company name for the item Ultimate Body Applicator. They claim you can lose inches in 45 minutes with their product containing all natural ingredients. They also say not to use it more often than once every 72 hours.

They admonish using the It Works body wrap if you’re pregnant, have any health issues or are on medication. Seems kind of abnormal for something with “all natural” ingredients doesn’t it?

Let’s get to the money part, what do you say? There’s a pretty good venture that’s why you’re here. To get started with It Works Global it will cost you $199 for a Business Builder Kit and $214 for the kit and the eSuite Revolution which I think is your website and all the marketing materials that usually come with the replicated company website. . The eSuite is a monthly recurring charge. On one page it said nothing beyond that and on another it said the first month was half price. And so the monthly nut is either $15 or $30.

There are the typical network marketing pay categories; the fast start bonus, of course the residual commissions, there’s a car bonus, generation bonuses and there’s a CAB bonus. No not that kind of cab, it stands for customer acquisition bonus.

There’s one little (big) thing that bothered me when I went through the motions of signing up online. There is a box to enter the id number of the person who referred you. The problem is there’s an choice to continue if you don’t have that number. Now how would you like to have worked on someone for a while to get them to sign up. They had said no but then, on their own, they decide to go ahead and do it. In that case you don’t get credit. Maybe the company has a remedy for that but, on the surface, it doesn’t look good.

So the bottom line for me is; hey it’s another nutrition company. Claims that get out of hand and just a lot more trouble, in my opinion, than it’s worth. Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s It Works Global or another network marketing company, is learn to market it so you can get leads. You won’t get rich recruiting mom and dad or your cousin Vinnie. You need a system and a mentor.

Roger D. Blackwell AKA The Dean, School of Hard Knocks wrote this important review of It Works Global to help people learn the truth of this Network Marketing Company.

Roger is a leading marketer who specializes in helping people
generate unlimited leads for their businesses. If you’d like to learn how easy it can be to get up to 50 and even more leads a day, come on to MY Website and sign up for your free webinar and training.

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