JS/Wonka – How I Beat The Nasty Trojan

I was making the rounds of my blogs and as I clicked on one my IE browser froze and stopped working. The same happened 3 times so I swapped over to Firefox. When the home page appeared so did a McAfee security warning which told me that it had detected and deleted the JS/Wonka trojan.
Obviously I was not happy at this threat and especially as my laptop is quite new and was not cheap. It was chance really that led me to the quick conclusion that the problem was with this blog and not my lap top. That was because of IE freezing and then switching to Firefox. If I had been browsing with Firefox to start with I would probably have assumed it was from an email or download.
I did a search and very quickly came up with this article How To Remove JS/Wonka Trojan From WordPress and thank the author for the info and http://www.marcosorfila.com/site/?p=325 where the info came from initially.
What they basically say is that it is some disgusting little hacker leaving code in your blog template. In all 3 cases the header. To find and remove just go to Appearance then Theme Editor then Header.php You will find a code straight after the tag which starts like this:
Remove the code but be careful not to remove the tag. If you are unsure about removing code it’s a good idea to open up your note pad and copy and paste all of the header.php code and then if you make a mistake with your deletion you can correct it. When I opened my header.php the McAfee scanner was going mental detecting and deleting the nasty little trojan again and again but it calmed down once I deleted the malicious code.
Never one for settling for half a tale I decided to find out how the hacker had got in and planted JS/Wonka. I discovered a second administrator called JoshStengel70 and in the user profile a script.
Obviously I deleted this fake administrator and changed my passwords. I also added a security plug in and will be checking around to make sure that I’ve got what I need over the next few days. I will also be checking the user list every time I go onto any of my blogs just to make sure that the only admin is me.
Whenever I have problems with my computers or websites I have learned not to panic because it is very likely that somebody else has already had those same problems. The Internet brings horrible things like viruses and trojans but it is also very easy to use search engines to discover how to solve most problems of almost any kind, no wonder the internet has been called the Information Highway.

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