Kyocera Tempo E2000

The Kyocera Tempo E2000 is a dual-band CDMA phone with EVDO support. It features a 262k color TFT display, a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with flash, Bluetooth with A2DP support, a microSD slot for memory and a media player. All these features add up to a phone that is great for both business and personal use.

The 1.3 mega-pixel camera has a LED flash which can also double as a flashlight. Limited digital zoom is also a plus. Its MP3 capacity is great; however, a USB cable is needed to add songs to the phone. The sound quality is great and one can also use the MP3s added to the phone as ringtones.

A great feature of the Kyocera Tempo E2000 is its WAP 2.0 Internet browsing. It allows for easy access to web based email. This makes it great for people on the go or who travel a lot.


-GPS capacity
-TTY/TDD included
-Digital Zoom
-Streaming video
-WAP 2.0 Internet browsing
-Web based email
-MP3 Player


-900 mAh Li-ion battery provides limited talk and standby power
-A bit large
-Resolution could be better

Overall rating

The Kyocera Tempo E2000 gets two big thumbs up! It is a great phone that could work well for the Wall Street executive or the first year college student. While not the leader in features or functionality, it scores in the top 75 percentile in options and services provided. Therefore, on a whole, one can hardly find a better phone for the buck.

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