Learning How To Submit Club Liability Insurance Claims

If you own a fitness or sports club it is likely that you are in possession of club liability insurance. If you operate your business with its best interests continually in mind, then you have made certain to buy this plan even before the business ever opened. It is impossible to guess when something may go awry and any such event has the potential to lead to a lawsuit should you be responsible for the injury and pain that a club member suffers. When this occurs, it is imperative that you understand how to file for the claim money that you are due from your insurer.


Before filing a claim the court case will need to have reached an end. The judge will have to first make an official ruling that has determined you as liable for the individual’s loss or injuries. The judge will then present a breakdown of the restitution that must be made. These expenses might include lost wages, medical costs and much more. You will have to receive this judgement before you are able to claim any money. This is so you have a clear understanding of the exact amount that is needed, rather than simply making a guess in order to get the claims process in action. You will need to provide your insurer with written proof of the judge’s official ruling.

Once the case has been completed you should get in touch with your club liability insurance provider in order to relay the results. They will then inform you of the best ways to submit the necessary materials. Most insurers prefer that claimants mail in all paperwork, however, some allow these documents to be submitted either in person or electronically. Each provider will have different restrictions on the process which makes it necessary for you to find out the specific requirements for you provider in order to ensure that all directions are followed accordingly.

Once the required materials have been submitted you will need to work with your insurer in order to make certain that you receive your claim. In most instances the claimant must wait until a check is mailed. In cases of a more complicated nature the insurer will contact the claimant to request additional information. Always make certain to provide your insurer with all requested materials in a timely fashion. This displays a willingness to cooperate. This willingness often helps to convince insurers that there is no fraudulent basis to your claim.

It should be additionally understood that the individual who will be receiving the claim money will likely be a part of this process. The monies from your club liability insurance may never actually cross your hands. Once you have submitted the claim and all other mandatory documentation and once everything has been reviewed, your insurer is likely to remit the resulting funds directly to the individual on whose behalf the claim was filed.

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