Liability Insurance for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are responsible for caring for others, so due to the increased risk of injury, they need a particular type of insurance coverage. Nursing home professional liability insurance covers certain aspects of the health profession such as malpractice claims where a patient is injured under the watch of a health care professional. Extra coverage protects the facility’s structure, equipment, property, employees, visitors and patients.

Most nursing homes are safe facilities that provide excellent care for their patients. However, no matter how save a place is, accidents can happen at any time. These types of situations can lead to lawsuits against the center and its staff. Liability insurance is put in place to counteract the increasing cost of medical bills and courts costs from legal suits. Malpractice insurance is one of the most important defenses that a nursing home has. Without proper insurance, if one of your employees is held responsible for the injury or death of a patient, your business could be in jeopardy. It is also necessary to have coverage that protects the building and property. This comes in handy when damage occurs as the result of a fire, flood or another natural disaster.

When choosing liability insurance, select reputable insurance companies that have experience in this field because nursing home policies are generally more technical and complex than other types. To find an insurer, shop online, and compare quotes to get the most for your money. Also, be prepared to provide necessary information to expedite the process.

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