Living Life to the Fullest With No Regrets by Todd Rutherford

While tomorrow is never guaranteed, many of us make the assumption there will be more opportunities to live and more opportunities to tell the people in our lives what they mean to us. But for some of us, there will be no tomorrow. In H.E. Hobson’s Unwritten, readers will meet several people who thought that they would have a tomorrow, but were instead met with an angel on a mission named Raphael. Raphael has been given a specific job from the Commander Himself, to help these people leave behind one last message.

The people in the book are all different and so are the messages. As you read each message left behind, you feel intense emotions with these final gifts of closure. As loved ones read through their messages, readers will feel the combination of sadness and for some, the happiness of knowing that their loved ones have gone on to a better place. Hobson does an excellent job in describing the events and feelings-bringing to life these authentic loved ones.

Unwritten provides a sense of hope that is not normally found in a book. Through Raphael’s eyes, as he realizes there is more to the humans than he originally thought, the reader comes to the conclusion that maybe his job is a bit more important than he at first thought.

Unwritten will cause a great deal of introspection among readers who will look at their relationships; readers will determine whether or not they are effectively expressing themselves to their families and friends. In the end, readers will realize the importance of voicing today what might not be spoken tomorrow.

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