Loft Ladders Evaluation: The Titan Exclusive 3 Part Folding Timber Loft Ladder

If your house contains a loft space, it is more than likely not employed a lot. For a loft to be more accessible and functional, a sturdy and safe loft ladder is essential. A loft ladder can be produced from a number of materials, for example, aluminium, fibreglass, and timber. But timber is the favourite alternative with lots of homeowners. Timber seems warm when you touch it, also, it is nice-looking and strong. It can be stained or painted to go with your room d?cor and the older it gets the better it becomes. Furthermore, there’s almost no worry about upkeep. The premium timber loft ladders are those that are made with traditional woodworking techniques, such as dovetailed joints. The information below concerns a superior loft ladder made by Titan – the Exclusive 3 part folding model.

Loft Ladders: About the Titan Exclusive Folding Timber Loft Ladder

Ladders such as the Titan 3 part folding loft ladder give you a way to safely reach your loft. With this model, you won’t have to have any headroom or storage space in the loft. For a more sophisticated look it includes plastic architraves. There’s a draught excluder in the casing and trapdoor that has 70mm insulation to prevent draughts and conserve heat. A strong spring counterbalancing mechanism assists with straightforward and efficient operation by means of the integrated wooden push/pull rod. The ladder has white faced trapdoor which gives it a refined look. The trapdoor has veiled hinges and is rather simple to decorate, paint or varnish. Both the casing and trapdoor are designed for extra tight closure. It features slip-resistant rungs, plus strong plastic feet for the assurance of secure positioning.

Loft Ladders: A Bit of Detailed Information on the Titan 3 Part Folding Timber Loft Ladder

The rungs on the ladder are created out of beech and it also has pine stiles. The steps are 400mm wide and they are 250mm apart. Each of these rungs have a width of 400mm, is 18mm thick and 83mm deep. The stiles are 21mm thick and 83mm deep. The casing is made from block board, and is 18mm thick. The trapdoor includes a 50mm frame produced from spruce, plus 50mm insulation and white Masonite plates on either side. The trapdoor is 56mm in thick and contains 50mm of polystyrene insulation.

Loft Ladders: Details of the Titan Exclusive Loft Ladder

The ladder is made for areas with ceilings up to 2870mm high, and it needs a 700mm x 1200mm opening. This ladder is approved to satisfy the BS EN14975 standard, plus it can carry a 150kg maximum load. Do remember that the maximum load is the combined weight of the user and of any objects being transported up or down the ladder. Obtainable accessories are a timber balustrade along with a metal or timber handrail. The dimensions of the casing are 680mm by 1175mm, in addition, it needs an opening size of 700mm by 1200 mm. It contains a floor to ceiling height of 2870mm along with a casing height of 200mm. Twelve steps are included on the ladder.

Using Titan Exclusive 3 part folding timber loft ladders should upgrade the handiness of every loft space.

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