Lost Pennies Become Dollars by Todd Rutherford

David Miller’s Hard Knocks MBA: The Search for Job Satisfaction and Business Success chronicles his personal journey through a poor childhood to overwhelming financial success to losing millions. He shares “the things we did right (and there were plenty of those), the things we did wrong (there were even more of those), and the painful and priceless lessons I learned along the way.”

Miller writes in a self-deprecatingly, yet amusing tone: “People always say that you learn more from your failures than your successes. If that’s true, then I should be a genius by now because I made a ton of mistakes, as I flushed my $6 million business down the toilet.” His “Seven Habits that Made Me Bankrupt (don’t do these)” offers an important and overwhelmingly relevant message in the times of socioeconomic crisis that we face as a nation. He writes that without true passion, you cannot achieve true success, as liking cars and people were not enough to ensure continued success with Trinity Restoration, lacking a passion for fixing cars.

He offers the important financial lesson of the “business of pennies,” differentiating between his inability to pinch pennies and other small business owners, who would ask for their paperclips back at the bank. Miller painfully realized that; “Lost pennies become dollars and those dollars become thousands of dollars before you know it.” He addresses a number of other downfalls, including his “Six Million Dollar Ego,” allowing readers to learn from his mistakes, in hopes that they may avoid them-a personally and financially painful experience

Miller writes that “maybe you’ll read this book and get to stay on the top of the heap for longer than I did. Maybe you can stay there forever, who knows. I hope so.” Hard Knocks MBA: The Search for Job Satisfaction and Business Success reflects the national trend of great success followed by great failure; however, he offers his mistakes as a learning tool for readers. For a new generation of entrepreneurs, Miller offers an invaluable tool to guide them down the road to success, preclude them from failure, and procure a long-lasting triumph in business and in life.

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