Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

Within part 2 of learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing, i will explain more about clickbank. Before promoting anything on the internet as an affiliate, you must first learn how to choose a product that will convert targeted visitors into sales.

The reason i have chosen clickbank is due to the fact that this website is the worlds largest retailer of digital products. Digital products include software and informational products such as ebooks. You can start to promote any of the products to earn affiliate commissions and its free to join. Most vendors (people who own the products) will offer up to 75% commission, which is a massive chunk of change, especially if you are promoting high priced software.

One of the best kind of products to promote would be a recurring product. This would be a monthly subscription to a membership service which would pay you every single month that the person is a member. If you get 1 subscriber per day and you are paid $20 per month for each member, you would be earning $600 per month after 30 days. After 60 days, you would be earning $1200 per month as you would get paid for new subscribers as well as the subscribers from the first month, which im sure you will agree, is a very attractive thought.

Before you even think about building a website, driving traffic, or building an email list, you must first ensure that the product you choose has already proven to be successful in converting traffic into sales, this will give you the best advantage and there is a very easy way of knowing this:

Gravity On Clickbank:

When you go over to the clickbank marketplace, you can browse through the categories and sort the results by gravity. Gravity is the term used to measure how many seperate affiliates have made a sale by promoting the product within the past 30 days. If the gravity is over 50, then you will have the best chance of making sales by promoting that product, after all, if 50 other people can make a sale within the last 30 days, then so can you! Leave all the products that have a gravity of anything below 10, as this shows you that not many sales have been made and you may struggle to convert.

Before you make your decision on any product, take a look at the sales page and try to view the salespage through the eyes of your potential customers. Ask yourself, if i was interested in this product, would i be interested in making a purchase, does the website look like it can be trusted and would you trust it enough to make a purchase. If there is loads of spelling mistakes, crappy images and a sales pitch that does not flow right, you should leave it alone as this would effect your conversions alot.

The best markets to promote include learning guitar, weight loss, green products, internet television and self help categories. Markets such as weight loss are reffered to as “deperate markets” as millions of people are desperate to lose weight and alot of money is to be made. But you must understand that where there is lots of money to be made, there is alot of competition also.

To make money from any of these markets, you need a method that allows you to drive server crushing, targeted website visitors to any product you wish to promote. Once you have the traffic, you will see the sales, there is no doubt about that. Keep a look out for part 3, as i will explain more about how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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