Making Use Of Disc Magnets For Ornamentation

Your refrigerator speaks volume about your style. It can be dull and drab or you can decorate its outer surface to make it appealing and blend with the ambience of the room. The front area of the fridge is magnetic and you can make use of disc-magnets to deocorate this surface. They can be stick to any part of the refrigerator surface and are eye-catching and stylish. The article will discuss some ways you can make use of disc-magnets for decoration purpose.


The first step is to get cloth pins. These are available in old styles of clothes pin or the pins that has spring built into them. Your selection should be the later as they serve the purpose well and more suited than old styles which fit well with clothes on a line. The one with the spring built into them can be opened up by squeezing the one end and when you realse the grip it will firmly held what every is place at the other end between its pitchers.

To make the cloth pin appealing you should paint them. Select the strong pins which are having less chances of a break. The coloring is on you taste and style. You can use same color or even different designs which goes with the theme. Make certain what you select blend with the over all design. One of the much liked design takes a vine and the covering is made of flowers. The preference is entirely yours.

It will take a while for the paint to dry after which you can use hot glue to fasten the magnets cautiously onto the back of each pin. Make sure you use the hot glue as it holds firmly and is not messy as the standard while glue.

After firmly securing the disc-magnets all you need to do is fasten the cloths pin to the refrigirator. They can also be used to join pictures and other decorative.

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