Manifesting Positive Energy by Todd Rutherford

Many prominent books, like Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret delve into the topic of positive energy and the law of attraction. How exactly does one muster positive energy? According to Jeff Caliguire and his self-help book The Convergence, positive energy encompasses the concept that “people who do what they were born to, regularly repeat patterns and habits that express their positive energy.”

Gravitating toward positive energy allows people to experience a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Caliguire asserts that positive energy is only attainable through a natural, unforced progression of repeated positive exercises until the behavior translates into a habit.

The Convergence compares those who achieve positive energy naturally with those who try too hard, forcing the issue until it becomes uncomfortable and awkward. The situation of the latter is described fittingly as, “Instead of feeling energetic, joyful and motivated about their work, they feel lifeless, bored, unskilled, dulled or trapped.”

While it’s understandable that most are willing to do whatever it takes to put food on the table, no one need struggle through decades of unfulfilling jobs and careers when there is an ideal path for each of us, just waiting to be discovered. The following passage is an excellent example of how individuals feel when they work in careers that they are not meant to be in: “They feel as if forcing water through a clogged hose as they work painfully hard to accomplish little despite a lot of hard work.”

We can therefore conclude that there is a correlation between doing that which we were meant to do-convergence-and experiencing positive energy. Former Girl Scouts CEO, Frances Hesselbein, sums it up best when she states, “I have a very strong belief that we are called to do what we do, and when we’re called, we’re given the energy.” That is to say, positive energy can be attained genuinely if one pursues his/her true calling.

Read Jeff Caliguire’s The Convergence to learn how to discover your true calling-so that you, too, can go out and do that which you were truly meant to do and experience positive energy throughout your life.

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