Market your previous junk at the Treasure Hunters Roadshow

Offering your old treasures, antiques and collectibles at the Treasure Hunters Roadshow is the best way to convert them into instant money. Our collectors are always curious to track down scarce and unique collectible and add them to their assortment. The street display teams travel 300,000+ miles just about every yr, quite a few instances re-browsing an area additional than as soon as annually.

We at Treasure Hunters Roadshow have ordered more than 200 million dollars of rare, collectible and precious goods for our collectors network. We strictly observe all region and state laws, regulation and permits pertaining to the merchandise of fascination. Our collectors have many years of knowledge and information in identifying the item’s acceptable age, origin and most importantly it’s really worth. Only after carefully inspecting the merchandise, researching web and contacting the likely purchasers, our collectors decide how considerably to give for your merchandise. Our fair and honest delivers are built relying on the marketplace , world-wide-web and certain purchaser values. Frequently our collectors make contact with the probable buyers on the spot in front of the visitors. Prospective purchasers assist in figuring out the well worth of the collectible. Once you get to know the value of your collectible you can decide if you want to offer your item or not. If you come to a decision to market your item you would be paid on the spot via check out. Ten % of the supply will be deducted for the road display companies. This charge is a should and is charged for treasure hunters to host the occasions.

The Treasure Hunters Roadshow welcomes things like coins (pre 1965), paper funds (pre 1934), gold coins, investment gold, scrap gold, jewelry, platinum, silver, toys (pre 1965), dolls, trains, musical instruments (pre 1970), watches, tiffany, advertising and marketing memorabilia, war objects, sports activities memorabilia, historical documents, good arts, comic books and so on. The roadshow gives you an unique option to interact with professionals and connect your undesirable things with collectors inclined to pay best dollar, promptly. At our roadshow in Missouri a woman brought in an outdated Japanese toy robot, which she had purchased at a garage sale for $1.00. As quickly as she arrived in with it, our toy expert’s eyes lit up. Immediately after an evaluating the item, we had an provide on the table for $1,500.

You could be sitting on a small fortune and not even know it. So get started hunting for anything that is old or gold in your attic and get it evaluated at the Treasure Hunters Roadshow. We may possibly come in your place quicker than you assume!

Jason Homer is an author from the Treasure Hunters Roadshow group writing about the products that interests the company’s network of collectors.

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