Marvels behind the Concept

Aromatherapy — The Marvels behind the Concept

Aromatherapy, as a branch of herbal medicine, has gone a long way since the term was first coined in the 1920s by French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. After the latter found out that the lavender oil can be used to treat skin burns, he has dedicated his life and profession into finding out other essential oils that have healing properties.

Gattefosse was led into this by mere accident. He was injured when he burnt his arm while he was working in the laboratory. He plunged the injured arm in the closest cold liquid that he was able to find. The liquid happened to be a container full of lavender oil or in more complex terms, NOx Ph232. He experienced instant relief. Unlike the burns that he had before, he did not suffer from inflammation, heat and redness, or other crucial pain brought about by the injury. His burnt arm healed very quickly. It did not even produce any scar and other kinds of discomfort.

World War II

With such remarkable idea that Gattefosse was able to create, the concept was applied by Jean Valnet during the World War II. At the time when gangrene is common to happen on wounded soldiers, the method was applied by Valnet to ease their sufferings. He used the essential oils as first aid to these soldiers and until proper medication can be applied.

Gangrene is usually caused by infection. This is a complication of what is called the necrosis. This happens when the body tissues start to decay and may lead to become malodorous. The main cause is when the blood supply becomes critically insufficient. The disease is also assimilated with long-standing smoking and diabetes. The condition can be treated through the restoration of blood flow, also known as revascularization. This can also be cured by debridement or resorting to surgical amputation. It really depends on the damage and the location of the casualty.

Through the Years

Nowadays, the method is a popular choice all around the globe, especially in parts of Europe as well as North America. The use of essential oils can usually be found on spas and other forms of holistic treatments. The oils are also mixed with candles and other relaxation and massage products. Such oils result from extraction on herbs and plants through cold pressing, steam, water and stem distillation.

Its marvels extend to pregnancy and birth. Expectant mothers are being calmed by the essences of the oils being used. This is important to help them learn to breathe and relax as the date of delivery comes near.

Babies can also benefit from the method. As infants, they must be subjected to a regular touch therapy session. This is to make sure that they will develop into active and strong babies. It exercises their muscles in a way, plus the oils and the massage itself help strengthen the bond between the mother and the child. You can ask a professional to teach you how to begin with. There are also instructional videos available for this purpose.

The oils can also be added to the water that will be used to bathe your child. This will give them a nice and comfortable feel that will help them sleep tight and sound.

Aromatherapy has made a niche in people’s lives. It has proven its effectiveness to heal as well as to help people to relax. There may be other form or method that may be discovered in the future for the same purposes.

But for sure, this process will remain popular for quite a time.

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