Michigan Insurance Bureau Provides Useful Information

The roads of Michigan can be tough on a car, especially the back roads. There are new bumps and potholes that appear every summer, and in the winter you have to cope with ice and salt. Even those who drive in Detroit can encounter rust problems due to the salt that is sprinkled on the roads in winter. Although auto insurance is a requirement for drivers, it is especially recommended that drivers in Michigan get comprehensive car insurance. If you are planning to buy car insurance, here are some ways to ensure you get the best policy for your money. Before you commit yourself, spend some time researching and gathering price quotes. Be sure the company you deal with has been certified with the Michigan Insurance Bureau. Also you should take some time to research customer reviews and complaints about the various companies.

The most important part of your research involves gathering quotes from the various companies. Although you can get a lot of good information online, it is always best to talk to a person from each company.


The Michigan Insurance Bureau, also known as MIB, has a lot of information available to anyone who wants to learn which insurance companies have a good reputation. This is a third party agency that provides unbiased information.

It is very important to know how the company handles its claims. Do they come to the aid of their customers or do they do everything they can to block the payments? Be sure to look up customer reviews online and ask people you know who have dealt with them.

After you have decided which company you want to deal with, call them up or visit their office with your drivers license and vehicle information. If you have done your research including using the website of the Michigan Insurance Bureau, you will walk out confident that you have a good policy.

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