Microflex Gloves-The Most Trusted Brand

Microflex Gloves are a common and trusted brand of gloves. Microflex has been in business for over twenty years. Their products are used in many hospitals around the world. Also, tattoo artists use these special name brand gloves to work on their customers. Dentists and lab associates also use microflex gloves. Besides business uses, they are also used for everyday tasks around the house. You may use them for cleaning or have them in your first aid kit. These are just a few examples of the common uses of these well-known gloves.

Furthermore, microflex brand gloves come in many varieties. They are a latex or synthetic material that is powder free, comfortable, and keeps your hands dry. Some of their products include Black Dragon gloves, Derma-Free, Diamond Grip, and Comfort Grip. Each type of glove has its own unique feature that aides its user for whatever purpose they seek. The Black Dragon product is one of their newer inventions. These are special, powderless black glove that keep your hands dry and it fairly strong.

Also, these trusted brand of gloves can be found at a reasonable price at many medical or retail stores. Their prices usually range between $6 to $16. You can find their products at Walt-mart for a reasonable price. Searching online is also an effect way to find Microflex gloves. When shopping online, there are limitless sights that carry Microflex products.

In conclusion, Microflex gloves are a trusted brand that many health professionals use. They are also commonly used around the house in first aid kits and more. Microflex includes many products that are comfortable, strong, and keeps your hands dry. They are popular brand that has been in business for over twenty years. These factors make the Microflex industry a reliable and trustworthy company.

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