Most Popular Types Of Smoking

People in the Americas used tobacco for various reasons long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. It had both recreational and spiritual purposes. It continues to have these purposes among some native people of North and South America, but tobacco spread out to the whole world after the arrival of European colonists and its use was entirely recreational. Tobacco is still smoked today all around the world. People who smoke generally use cigars, pipes and cigarettes. Reading pipe tobacco reviews and analyses of the other popular forms of smoking sheds a lot of light on why people enjoy smoking tobacco.


Cigars were once much more popular than they are now. Early European explorers witnessed native Americans smoking tightly rolled bundles of tobacco leaves on their first visits to the Americas. This form of smoking soon took off in Europe, along with pipe-smoking, which was another pastime of Native Americans. Smoking tobacco in a cigar did not really become popular until the 19th century. During that time, people around the world smoked hundreds of millions of cigars per year. Factories grew up in certain parts of the world, especially in the West Indies and on the eastern seaboard of the United States. To this day, Cuban cigars are still welcomed by people who do not even smoke.

After reading pipe tobacco reviews you might not know that the popularity of pipe smoking has diminished greatly since the height of its usage centuries ago. Pipe smoking was so popular in 17th century England that even Puritan women were known to smoke tobacco in pipes. However, among those who still enjoy pipes, this form of smoking is beloved like no other form. Even people who do not like smoking tend to appreciate the smell of pipe tobacco. The tobacco used in pipes is specially blended. It mostly consists of Burley or Virginia tobaccos that are mixed with small amounts of spice tobaccos which give off particular aromas.

Cigarette smoking enjoyed a heyday that lasted throughout much of the 20th century. They were products of the mass production that became so prevalent in the industrialized world during this time. Cigarettes were shipped overseas to troops fighting in World War II. The cigarettes were considered so important that they were included alongside shipments of food. They were air dropped into combat zones. However, when scientists made connections between lung cancer and smoking in the last decades if that century, the popularity of cigarettes plummeted.

Smoking still remains popular around the world and among different groups. Pipe tobacco reviews are so exuberant that you might think pipe smoking is still as popular as it once was. However, cigarettes retain the lead in popularity, even after the scandals of the last century.

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