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Feel like you are already running behind on your shopping this holiday season?

It is not just your imagination.

In the competition for holiday shoppers, retailers have cranked up the offers, options and perks nicely prior to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Some shops began offering pre-Black Friday shopping offers two weekends ago. And whilst some marketers have coined the week of Thanksgiving as “Black Friday Week,” others have dubbed November “Black Friday Month.”

Retailers are doing anything and every thing to get you in their stores physically or virtually. Simply because although the National Retail Federation predicts holiday spending will probably be up 2.3 percent this year, to $447.1 billion, that falls short of the 10-year historic average of 2.5 percent.

A solid Black Friday Shopping strategy will take you and your dollar further then you even thought. Initial determine what you’ll need to or want to buy. There are going to be jaw dropping deals at each and every single store, so it is essential to determine what your main focus is. Generally the big ticket items will sell out quickly and you’ll have difficulty traveling from 1 store to the next, so it is essential to have a precise game plan. If you’ve by no means been out shopping on Black Friday before, beware because it is a frenzy. Typically every store will have a couple of major featured items. Here’s an example of Walmart last year.

Kill Two Birds with 1 Stone

There’s no wrong in being selfish on Black Friday and buying something for yourself. Personally, I saved up the entire month of October to purchase a brand new television last year. Nevertheless, you are able to take advantage of the savings and get a jump start on your Christmas or other Holiday Shopping. In the event you shop at a store like Macy’s, you can buy many different different items instead of at a specialty store like an Express.

Spread the Troops Out

Since Black Friday is tied in with Thanksgiving, most families are together for the Holiday and go shopping the next morning as a tradition. If you are going shopping with a large group, it’s much easier to take advantage of all of the various sales, without the hassle of driving around. With today’s technologies it is easy to stay in contact with cell phones. Just don’t let your nephew borrow your unlimited American Express credit card.

Double Dip with Gift Cards

There typically won’t be any coupons accessible for use on Black Friday, but you are able to usually use discount gift cards and double dip on savings. For example, if you strategy on purchasing a new washing machine from House Depot, you can begin stocking up on House Depot gift cards. This way you’ll take advantage of the Black Friday pricing as well as save an extra 8%. We sell gift cards to virtually every main merchant, so there is no easier way to save cash.

Take care of your well being , of your time and cash ! Remember , stick to your list. Avoid impulse buys. They’re almost usually bad, as well as if it is just a couple dollars, they will add up to $50-100 for a trip. Over the course of a year, that will mean thousands. Tell your self you’ll not buy anything that’s not on your list unless it’s an absolute necessity (why isn’t toilet paper on my darn list?).

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