Necessity Of Carrying Physical Therapist Liability Insurance

Physical therapist liability insurance is vital to protect the years of training that this professional has completed. A physical therapist is a medical professional that works in a variety of settings to help those with injuries or disease processes to gain an increased amount of bodily strength or range of motion in the limb and joints. The training usually consists of an undergraduate degree followed by either a doctorate or a master’s degree in physical therapy. Some programs offer a six year course which combines all of these aspects of training.

Once the educational requirements are fulfilled and the student has graduated from an accredited program, he should first complete the tests that are required for licensure in the state in which he will be practicing. Directly after this, he needs to obtain Physical Therapist Liability Insurance to protect his personal assets from malpractice claims.


While there are a number of insurance companies which provide a separate malpractice policy, one of the best all-purpose options is through a national professional organization known as the APTA. Once a physical therapist has joined this organization, he can apply for discounted liability insurance through them and will even have the option to purchase other policies through them. These could include life, medical and disability policies.

Physical therapy is an exceptionally rewarding career. Many appreciate that they are helping individuals to overcome disabilities or illnesses. The long number of hours and the great amount of money invested in education for this field is certainly worthwhile. However, physical therapist liability insurance is a necessity to protect oneself while working in this field.

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