Neodymium Magnets Are Magnets That Have Greater Strength

Magnets are in use almost everywhere in today’s world of appliances and you can find them in cars, computers, hi-fi amplifiers and a lot of other inventions and machineries. Today you can consider magnets as one of the very essential of requirements for the modern age. Magnets allow you to form repulsion or attraction over small distances without the necessity for bodies or materials touching each other. Each type of magnet will have its own particular properties and it is this that decides the magnet that is required to be used in any situation. The popular magnet types are neodymium, alnico and ceramic each of which are different from the other types. Neodymium Magnet.


Neodymium Magnets

These are magnets that are made from rare earth materials and are at one end of the scale. While the elements that make up rare earths are to be found extensively all over the planet earth, they are very much spread out and are not concentrated in one place, and thus mining for them does become difficult. All this adds to the makes the rare earths expensive to obtain but at the same time do make it also an advantage. The magnetic strength in rare earths materials is higher and thus enable their use in typical designs. So whenever very high performance is required like in computer parts and electric motors, such appliances will have neodymium magnets.

Alnico magnets

The composition of the magnets is what has given rise to the word alnico. Cobalt, nickel and aluminum form the material and this has given the acronym alnico. Copper or titanium may also at times be added along with these three basic metals. Different percentages of the various metals give different properties for a magnet and hence a magnet can be tailored for a particular purpose so that its performance and results suit the use. Alnico magnets can be adapted to many different applications even though the strength in rare earth magnets have become strong competition.

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