Neodymium Magnets Uses

The rare earth Neodymium magnets are the strongest in the world. In 1982, scientists discovered the strong magnetic properties of an alloy made of neodymium, boron, and iron. This is how the magnets came about.


Measuring Magnetic Power

Although it might be possible to tell the difference between a weak magnet and a strong magnet just by physically comparing their force, there is a way to measure the actual magnetic power. The term remanence means the residual magnetism that is left after the source of magnetism is absent. Coercivity is the measure of the magnet’s resistance to becoming demagnetized. Magnets become weak at high temperatures. At high enough temperatures, magnets fail to attract any metal object. the Curie temperature is the high temperature at which the particular magnets lose magnetism.

Magnetic Strength

The terms might be fun to know, but most people just want to know how strong their magnet is. Neodymium magnets usually range between N28 through N45. The more common magnets – also the less expensive ones – are rated N28, N35 and N40. Stronger magnets can be N45 or higher. High rating means stronger magnet. Higher rated magnets are often preferred because they can pack the same power in a smaller bundle. This is what enables technologies to be smaller.

Properties of a Magnet

It’s best not to make quick judgements about the strength of a magnet without knowing the facts. Such things as the magnet’s materials, the metals used to make it, and the size determine the strength. Also, some magnets might be able to life one type of material that another cannot. Furthermore, magnets lose pull farther away from the object they are attracting. Use real life conditions to test if the magnet will work for your purposes.

Neodymium Magnet Uses

Neodymium magnets are used in computers, motors, and pacemakers. Weaker ones are useful to holding loose items in place. The development of the neodymium magnet has helped make miniaturization possible in formerly huge technologies like cellphones and computers. There is probably such a magnet in your house right now.

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