New Clive Endive Ogive, IV Novel Mingles Comedy with Tradition by Todd Rutherford

According to the Chicago Tribune, many Americans are questioning the relevance of private clubs today. As membership dwindles at some clubs and real estate taxes on their properties soar, many private clubs are reevaluating both their membership requirements as well as their management practices. Although private clubs are sometimes perceived as merely posh playgrounds for the rich and famous, there are many little-known facts about the numerous benefits that private clubs provide for American society.

For example, few people realize that the over 2 million members of private clubs in America raise more than $367 million dollars each year for charity. Private clubs are also a $14 billion industry, employing more than 290,000 individuals with a payroll equaling $5.3 billion.

The newest Clive Endive Ogive, IV comedy shines the spotlight on these exclusive private clubs in a brilliantly innovative way. By mingling his extraordinary wit with perceptive insight into the long-standing traditions of private clubs, Mr. Ogive has penned Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury, one of the most inspiring novels of the season.

“In their aggregate, private clubs are ‘big business,'” explains Mr. Ogive. “As such, it is important for the general public to know more – much more – about private clubs.”

Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury is the amusing sequel to Private Clubs in America and Around the World. The priceless dilemmas and hilarious whims of the members of Old Bunbury beckon readers into the world of elite private clubs. Recline on the Pillow Committee’s impeccably fluffed cushions and sip the perfect single-malt Scotch as the affluent club president and his sidekick, the zany waitress, team up to solve a gruesome murder at the Old Bunbury Golf Links and Reading Room.

Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury gives the reader an entertaining and rare glimpse into the secluded world of America’s most elite private clubs. You won’t want to put it down! For more information about Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury or Mr. Ogive’s first comedy, Private Clubs in America and Around the World, go to

Norm Spitzig, MCM (aka Clive Endive Ogive, IV) is internationally recognized as the “go-to person” in the world of private club management and governance. As such, he is an eloquent and visionary spokesman for the private club industry, both here in the United States and around the globe. His groundbreaking book Perspectives on Club Management – now over 20 years old – continues to inspire and challenge club directors, managers, and students around the world.

Mr. Clive Endive Ogive, IV is available for personal appearances, comments, interviews and, readings. For every book purchased on the author’s website (, the author will donate $1.00 to The Club Foundation (, the only 501(c)(3) charitable organization for the private club industry.

Private Clubs in America and Around the World and Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury are available on the author’s website, and through Dog Ear Publishing (, Baker & Taylor,, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other fine bookstores nationwide.

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