New Image Viewer in Wrike to Help Marketing and Creative Teams

Project Management Software

Wrike is a full-featured and easy-to-use business management software product that helps you save time on planning, processing, tracking and completing your projects. Traditional project planning and management software tools put the burden of creating and updating project plans on the managers shoulders. Wrike offers online project management solution at a fraction of the costs of enterprise project management suites. Do you assign tasks to your associates by writing dozens of emails each day? Wrike makes your project planning and management quicker and easier. We offer you a new approach to Web collaboration based on email communication. You do not have to leave your familiar environment – email. Updating plans and project tracking may be the most painful part of the project management process. Online collaboration brought to you by Wrike makes your planning more effective – updated information is distributed among team members.

Share your projects with your stakeholders, clients and partners and get them involved in your web project management. Wrike is the only project tracking and business management software you need to make collaboration among the teams and team members effective. Wrike is the ideal project management software solution for people separated by vast distances and time-zones. It also can be the perfect time tracking and project planning tool for team members working in one office.

Wrike is business management software that combines the functionality of project planning software, marketing project management software, task management software and time tracking software. Wrikes feature set includes unlimited task-sharing, wiki-style task editing, printable Gantt charts and reports, filtering, task and folder tagging and customizable folder structure.

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