New Jersey Business Insurance

No matter if your business is large or small, you must work hard to make your business a success.  However, no matter how hard you work, one disaster can mean financial ruin for you or your business.  NJ business insurance can help protect your business investment. –NJ Business Insurance

There are many different types of insurance policies available.  One is the business owner’s policy and is made for small to medium sized businesses.  It has liability and property protection in on policy.  This type of insurance is for business that do not have a lot of risk involved.

NJ business insurance can help protect the property the business is located at as well as contents and company assets.  There are two different types: standard and special.  Special business insurance covers more than standard insurance.  Special insurance provides protection against business interruption.  If the business can not operate due to an accident or fire, lost profits will be paid to the owner.  Some policies also cover costs associated with running from a temporary location.

Liability NJ business insurance covers the company in the case of injury or harm to other people.  It also covers injuries when an employee is at fault due to negligence.  It can also cover property damage and injury to employees and customers.

It does not, however, cover health insurance or employee disability.  Worker’s compensation insurance is also separate and required by law.  Company vehicles will also need to be protected under a different policy.

No one wants to have a disaster strike, but having the right insurance can protect the company financially.

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