New Residents Who Need Akron Auto Insurance

Anyone relocating to the area in Ohio around Akron could benefit from doing research about the various companies in this region. Important companies to look for are insurance agencies. The akron auto insurance coverage might be different than what you are accustomed to paying for.


Limits for Injury

Every state has specific requirement s drivers need to meet when they purchase insurance for a car or truck. In Ohio these requirements include the amount of coverage you need to have in case someone else gets injured in an accident you are involved in. In Akron, this amount will be twelve thousand dollars per person. This is not the amount you pay, this is what your insurance will pay out based on your premium.

Damage to Property

In addition to covering any people who might be hurt in an accident, you also need coverage against damages to other property. The laws require people to carry liability coverage to protect against this type of damage. For Ohio residents this amount needs to be at least seven thousand five hundred dollars.

Transferring Policies

When individuals relocate to another state they need to change their driver’s license as well as the license on their car. In Ohio this need to be done within the first ten days you are living there. When you register or transfer your items you will need to bring proof of insurance with you.

In addition to the basic coverage most states require, there are other items you can include on your policy such as coverage for yourself and your vehicle in case of injury or damage.

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