No Capital Required Business Opportunity

There are very few business opportunities you can start immediately, without the need for capital, with almost no risk, and be earning tangible money within days, not forgetting a business which can be expanded using the profits generated to any size you wish.

That is exactly what the leaflet distribution business offers, plain door to door leaflet delivery, or if you live in the states flyer delivery.

When I first started researching the leaflet distribution market I quickly came to the conclusion it was a grossly underrated business opportunity, which, anyone could start without the need for capital.

I found that not only was it a great money making idea for the solo operator, it was also a tremendous opportunity for the budding entrepreneur who had the ambition to build a larger business.

When you take into consideration that the majority of businesses must advertise, either in order find new business, stay in business, or just to maintain customer awareness, you quickly come to the conclusion that leaflet distribution is a business opportunity with a ready made prospect list, and that’s before you even start.

Added to that a great many businesses are now operated from home, and once you’re in the leaflet distribution business, you can reach those prospects with your own promotional leaflet, at the same time you’re delivering paid for leaflets. It’s a win, win situation.

Yes there is little doubt in my mind that leaflet distribution offers real potential for the aspiring new business owner, and you can start on a shoestring budget, and then quite quickly expand into a successful operation.

It’s a business you can keep small, or build large, and if operated well will be very saleable at some stage in the future. It’s a business which can provide you with an extremely high standard of living, and more importantly it’s a business that does not have to rely on you taking out a bank loan.

Now that is a business opportunity you don’t come across very often.

Consider the vast majority of leaflet delivery people you see on your street. The majority of them are employed by leaflet delivery companies that employ anywhere from five employees upwards; many employ in excess of 100 leaflet delivery people.

Rarely do you consider the larger and more profitable industry behind those individual leaflet delivery people.

When you consider that each employee can average 60.00 pounds/ 90 dollars profit per day, after wages, you start to see the potential in this business. This of course can be less, or it can be more.

The great thing is that any self determined person with ambition can start this business, and what’s even better, it doesn’t need to cost you anything; you can start with no capital.

You can go out today, drum up some business, and start delivering leaflets.

Then once you reach the stage of having more work than you can cope with, you can employ your own leaflet delivery people, and become the person who employs those leaflet deliverers, you see on your street.

If you’re willing to follow a business plan, you can go from solo operator to successful leaflet distribution business owner, without ever having to put any of your own capital into the venture. I don’t know of many businesses where that can be said.

You can start part time and turn the business into a full time occupation within a short space of time. Once you reach the stage of employing leaflet delivery people you’re free to spend all your time marketing your expanding business.

Then at five, ten, twenty, thirty plus staff, which is not uncommon in this industry, the business can become extremely profitable. You also have endless opportunity for growth due to leaflet distribution having close ties with marketing and advertising.

All in all this is a very simple business to start with outstanding potential.

Whether someone operates the business alone, makes use of it as a stepping stone to other goals, or sets out to build a substantial business, it does not matter; it’s a real business, with virtually no start up risk; and the business concept if applied correctly does work.

If you’d really like your own business and don’t want to invest much, or don’t have much to invest, then you should give this business idea serious consideration; it could not only change your life, it could change the life of your family through making a great deal of money!
If you like the idea of starting your own leaflet distribution business, you might want to take a look at: it’s a comprehensive, yet simple 128 page step by step business plan and manual, which covers everything from starting the business right through to expanding and establishing a successful leaflet distribution business.
Best Wishes

Michael Alker

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