Orange County CA Residents- Fix Your GE Refrigerator For Free

Home appliances are known to experience breakdowns from time to time.  Even appliances made by the best manufacturers will break down if they are not regularly maintained.  GE refrigerators are known to last for years if they are maintained regularly and cleaned.  If you are having problems with your GE refrigerator, you should troubleshoot the problem to see if it is an easy fix or a more complicated repair.  Before you contact local professionals to schedule refrigerator repair GE Orange County CA, see if you can fix the problem on your own and save money.


Your Refrigerator Door Is Not Closing Properly

Refrigerator doors are supposed to close tightly and seal so all of the cool lair stays inside of the unit.  If the door does not close properly, your refrigerator will run constantly putting overtime on your components.  The first thing to check when you are diagnosing the problem is the door seal.  If the seal is twisted or is falling off, it could be blocking the door.  Another easy fix are the door hinges.  You can tighten loose hinges to re-seat the door and see if it closes properly.

Your Ice Maker Will Not Dispense Ice

This is a common problem with GE refrigerators that have that have an ice maker.  A minor problem may be that the ice is clumped in the ice bin.  Clumping is caused when the automatic defrost cycle transfers heat to the freezer and causes the ice cubes to melt together and clump.  Take the bin out and try to dislodge the clumped cubes.  You may want to consider keeping more food near the ice bin area so that the weight of the food buffers the heat that causes ice cube clumping.  If the ice maker is not working at all, you may need to schedule refrigerator repair GE^Orange County CA to fix the motor.

Why Is Your Refrigerator Making a Strange Noise?

Noises can be caused by several different components.  You will need to use your ear to determine where the noise is coming from.  Water sounds are using caused by the drip pan overfilling as water evaporates.  If you hear rattling or humming from the back, the problem could be with your compressor or the condenser  fan motor.  If any major components are causing the noise, it is time to call a professional repairman with EPA certification.

Not all refrigerators can be repaired.  If the issue is with the motor or a major component, you may need to invest in a new unit all together.  If you have troubleshooted the problems and it is a minor mechanical issue, see if you can fix it first.  If you have an idea of what the issue is and you do not feel comfortable doing the repairs, schedule professional refrigerator repair GE Orange County CA.

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