Owning A Cheap Classic Car Insurance

People owning classic cars find it quite difficult to find cheap classic car insurance. Many of these people have put in a lot of money and many months or even years in the restoration work and although they do not look at it as an investment, it is necessary to get adequate insurance for such a collector vehicle. There is no other way for the owner to be adequately compensated when disaster strikes. Insurance of classic car is different in many ways from the usual car insurance and requires a good amount of knowledge to find the right Cheap Classic Car Insurance.

The car firstly has to fit into any one of the three major categories like vintage, classic or antique. The antique category is reserved for older cars which were built during the 1930s or before. This is not the only definition and an insurance broker can be consulted to know exactly if the car can be technically called an antique. The classic category applies to cars which are no less than forty years old, but here also the definition might vary according to the insurance agency. Vintage category is reserved for cars which are collectibles and should be old by a few decades.


Although you can get cheap classic car insurance, many of the agencies usually charge more for insuring a classic car compared to the plans for regular cars. This is due to the fact that although these cars are less driven, they require elaborate services and hence extensive coverage. The age of car makes it difficult to find parts for replacement and they will be expensive as well.

More than considering the insurance cost it is prudent to look into the coverage itself. You can find cheap classic car insurance either online or from an insurance agency, which is adequate for your collector vehicle.

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