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Personal trainer is a highly sought-after profession these days. One of the reasons behind its popularity is that the income potential is limitless and is mostly dependent upon ones ambitious goals, imagination and drive. Many successful professional personal trainers, after gaining the required qualification needed to be a personal trainer, turn to writing books and articles in magazines about fitness and health. Some trainers author their own DVDs or start an online business. You also hear about trainers who set up their own fitness facility such as gym or a health spa and create an amazing career opportunity for themselves. All it needs is the required skill, hard work and the willingness to take some risks.

Personal trainers work at gyms, health clubs and corporate fitness & personal training studios. Often the trainers working at these facilities are employees and are paid by the facility owners. Sometimes personal trainers choose to work with individual clients and travel to their homes or conduct outdoor programs for them. In this case the client directly pays the trainer they hire. Most celebrities prefer this option because of their hectic schedule makes I difficult for them to run to a gym every day. They rather prefer the trainers to train them at their convenient time and at their convenient location. Trainers working for such a group of people often charge premium.

Most trainers make a good income working with clients. Those that work at gyms or fitness centers often charge and hourly wage rate between $20 – $100, with an average of about $50 per hour. There are various factors that decide how much one can charge. These factors include the qualification of the trainer, his or her experience in the field, specialty, types of clients that hire them, geographic location, demand and the existing market rate in and around the area. Trainers working in large cities often charge more than the ones working in comparatively smaller cities. Competition and cost of living also determine a trainer’s pay scale.

A successful personal trainer always understands that he or she is working with people physically and these activities are prone to injuries. It is therefore important to have a good knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology which will help to prevent injuries. Personal training is a highly specialized profession requiring high level of skills, patience and most importantly a personalized approach.

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