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Personal Training is considered a highly lucrative business opportunity. There are many fitness enthusiasts who take up personal training as a full-time career option. There are various reasons for it, one, it is rewarding and fulfilling and second, it pay well. Personal trainers are being consistent and contributing towards the growth of the fitness industry. While catering to their existing clients, personal trainers are also growing their business as more and more people are turning to fitness and new business opportunities emerge.

According to a recent survey one-on-one fitness training for adults remains a prime focus of the fitness industry. Personal trainers are making the best of the available opportunity and cater to clients looking one-on-one training sessions. They are also offering partner and multiple-client training sessions and conducting fitness boot camps while taking their clients outdoors. 95% of people prefer one-on-one fitness training, about 82% prefer outdoor training sessions, and 58% people choose body-weight training and about 55-52% opt for nutrition assessment and core conditioning.

These numbers show that there is a great demand of personal trainers. The business of personal training has one major advantage; this business is almost portable. This means there are no set or stringent parameters within which it has to operate. These parameters are flexible and depend upon the available resources, the trainer’s expertise and the client’s requirement. A personal trainer who may be a Yoga expert, for example, may be able to conduct his personal training business in a small or a medium size hall with basics requirements. He may not require elaborate equipments to be successful. Some trainers choose of offer their services at gyms or fitness centers. While some work as freelancers and work with individual clients, oftentimes at the client’s home and at their convenience. Most celebrities and high profile people opt for this kind of arrangement owing to their busy lifestyle. This also works to the benefit of the trainer’s because then he or she may charge the client a little higher than what they would normally charge if the client came to the gym to workout.

Personal training business is an extremely personalized one. A personal trainer must have a very good knowledge about fitness training. Since the activities and the exercises involved are prone to injuries, a trainer must also have an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy which will help them to eliminate the cause of injury. Most importantly of all, a personal trainer must understand the client’s requirement and should be able to design a fitness plan that suits the client’s needs.

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