Pipe Starter Kit

Pipe smoking continues to be an acceptable pursuit for the cultivated minority. Over the years, smoking pipes have escaped the bad reputation of cigarettes. Pipes require an adherence to a uniform ritual and an aficionado culture that is unlike the common friendly design that is attached to cigarettes. Many pipe smokers are particular about the type of tobacco they use and the kind of pipe they use. Others accessories and tools normally present in a pipe starter kit add a form of refinement to the pleasure of pipe smoking.


Clay, briar, corncob, meerchaum wood, and other types of wood are the most common materials found in the construction of a pipe. Many feel that a dense hard wood is the best. Briar is highly recognized because it naturally absorbs moisture and it is also resistant to flames. All pipe bowls should be well manufactured to encourage the flowing of air. Pipe stems are normally made of durable and removable substances like plastic or vulcanite.

Pipe tobacco must have a tough cut in order to function properly. It also requires a high degree of moisture and it must also be kept in an airtight container in order to avoid drying out. Pipe starter kits normally include a tobacco blend that is well suited for a particular pipe. Many pipe smokers are known to experiment in order to discover a tobacco blend that will work for them. They are also known to stick with their choice for many years.

Lighting a pipe provides a great degree of relaxation and it is also considered to be an art form. Packing a pipe usually revolves around adding multiple layers of tobacco and tamping down each layer in order to ensure proper density. A pipe tool normally comes with a tamper for this purpose. This can be very useful if tobacco needs to be mashed into place during the burning process. Matches are generally preferred by many smokers since lighters lack the ability to be inverted. Lighters are known to pass off chemical fumes to the smoke. This can lead to an unpleasant taste. A new pipe must always be smoked gently in order to create the correct buildup of residue on the inside of the bowl. This will minimize the chances of the pipe burning creating a significant hole while it is burning out. Several other techniques such as mixture of cigar ash and water, water and honey, and our cream can be used.

Pipe smoke is normally not inhaled. The smoke is taken into the nasal cavities and mouth before it is released. It is not uncommon for a pipe to go out if it is smoked slowly. Smoking a pipe too fast will cause it to heat up and produce an undesirable taste. Regular usage of a pipe tool is generally recommended for a better experience. All of these tactics make it impossible to smoke pipes at the same pace of cigarette smokers. Many individuals find pipe smoking to be a relaxing and pleasant pastime.

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